9 Basil — is an independent funds management business operating a Southeast Asian private equity platform with a focus on Thailand.

What We Do

We are, at heart, value investors. We invest in situations where we see a significant margin of safety. We seek to understand the situation of the macroeconomy and, by exploring the granular effects, identify pockets of extraordinary growth. Within those sectors, we seek companies with exceptional business models and leadership. We develop deep and long-standing relationships with these companies by demonstrating our capabilities in tangibly strengthening the business through our network, ideas, and structuring and execution capabilities that lead to win-win capital allocation. Our team is headquartered in Bangkok, and our partners – globally.

Who We Are

The two co-founders, Schwin Chiaravanont and Kris Panijpan, have a vision of unfettering business in Southeast Asia, and consequently society, through efficient capital allocation to the best run businesses operating in environments that have generally been constrained by dominant business and political groups.

We hope to reinvigorate Southeast Asian business

We are not an extension of local or multinational monopolists. Our intentions are transparent: build vigorous businesses, make money doing it. Our roots are here. We are not here to make a quick buck and go home. We have expertise, both from experiences overseas and knowledge gained hyperlocally. We can tap into convenient capital and provide local clout, without strings or agenda. We are here to give promising businesses the boost to grow out of the shadow of large conglomerates.

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